Raqs Baladi workshop

Raqs Baladi belly dance workshop – a spiritual journey to the soul depth of the oriental country women.

Raqs Baladi (or Beledi) belly dance style is a rural folk tradition music with common Middle Eastern rhythms. The word "Baladi" means "native", "of the country", "rustic". Baladi is an oriental dancing, including Arabic pop and traditional Egyptian dance music, though the term also refers to the basic structure of the baladi rhythm, played on the darbuka.

Baladi music and dance developed together, started as country folk tradition on classical Egyptian percussion instruments – Darbuka, Riq and Duff. As people migrated to the cities in the early twentieth century, Baladi music picked up new instruments and folk tunes and rhythms took on new colours.

Baladi belly dance workshop

Baladi Workshop

Baladi music and dancing is all about the home land, its people and their everyday life. Being a part of the weddings, and celebrations in the villages, Baladi expressed people's roots, looking deep into the soul of the country women and exposing love, joy, happiness, but also pain and sorrow.

Traditional baladi dance movements are gently flirtatious, folksy and bouncy. The dancing is low and small, close to the ground as opposed to the hovering movements of the modern style. Sometimes the dancing is very melodramatic and theatrical, using mimics and body language to tell us a story.

Baladi belly dance workshop is a spiritual journey to the soul of the oriental country woman, discovering her fascinating inner world.


A hafla party will complete the workshop. This is a time for some open floor dancing for everyone to get up and enjoy. If you would like to perform, this would be gladly accepted. Please let us know in advance to plan the time and to make all the needed arrangements.

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