How to Shimmy

Learn basic belly dance steps: hip lift and Shimmy video guidance.

Basic hip lift

  • posture position with bent knees, legs right under the hip bones
  • lower abs are tucked, chest lifted
  • lift the right hip up by straightening the right knee
  • back down to the center
  • lift the left hip up by straightening the left knee
  • back down to the center

Basic Shimmy

  • skip the hold in the middle between the hip lifts
  • move it faster


  • keep the heels on the floor
  • make sure you are straightening only one knee at a time and the other remains bent.
  • the direction of the hip lift should be vertical, not to the side. Think about meeting hip bone up to the ribcage.
  • the closer you are to the ground, the easier it is to find the isolation and the lift is more beautiful.

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