Natasha Shteinberg

Natasha Shteinberg is an experienced belly dance teacher and performer. 

Natasha studied belly dancing in Jerusalem, at a large and professional school "Arabesk". Later she continued studying with other belly dance teachers in Israel, Holland and Canada. Natasha also took lessons from famous japanese belly dancer Kamellia, Bozenka and Amira from the United States.

Natasha performs as a Belly dancer at variety of celebrations and events. Her resume includes TV show performances, press interviews and participation in a known Canadian folklore festival.

Today Natasha manages a belly dance studio in Karmiel and Aisha dance troupe. She teaches different levels of belly dance classes for adolescents and women of all ages.

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"Dancing is a way of living for me and the best cure for any physical or mental pain." – Natasha says about herself. "Belly dancing creates a world of beauty, femininity and joy and helps me to express my feelings in a correct way, much better than words.

Natasha believes that Belly dancing provides an ability to look inside our inner world and to strengthen self confidence.

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