Belly Dance Tour

Express yourself and celebrate with a Belly Dance Tour in the Holy Land of Israel.

Festival Tours

Tours to Israel that combine bellydance festivals, workshops and sightseeing. These tours are a great opportunity to meet and learn from the best Israeli dancers and international artists in a short time.

Habibi Ya-Eini Tour

Ya Salam Tour

Eilat Festival Tour

Habibi Ya-Eini Tour Ya Salam tour to the Dead Sea Eilat Festival Bellydance Tour
October 17-24, 2013
Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem – Galilee – Dead Sea
Habibi Ya-Eini Festival >>
Nov., 2013
Dead Sea – Jerusalem
Ya Salam Festival >>
January 8-11, 2014
Jerusalem – Eilat
Eilat Festival >>

All Year Round Tours

These are customised all year round tours. You can join one of the upcoming tour groups or alternatively tailor a tour for your dates and preferences.

6 Days Tour

3 Days Tour

Special Tour

6 Days Tour Tour to Galilee Special Tour
Jerusalem – Galilee – Dead Sea Northern Israel – Galilee Special individual programs

You will experience an amazing journey of personal empowerment and a mystery of belly dance in the Holy Land of Israel. It is a unique and exotic tour that combines belly dance workshops with visiting the most beautiful landscapes and historical sightseeing.

  • Listen to your desires, dreams, and passion
  • Learn to love yourself and your body through dancing
  • Explore your inner rhythm and consciousness
  • Empower your inspiration and creativity
  • Get a sense of female communion and sorority
  • Experience physical and emotional release

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