Dorit Arobas

Dorit Arobas is a professional belly dancer, choreographer, teacher and The Oriental Pearl bellydance festival organizer.

Dorit Arobas taught oriental dance to prospective teachers at the Wingate Institute for five years. Since 2010 she is a senior teacher at the Oriental Dance school “Arabesque” in Jerusalem.

Dorit manages dance troops representing the school at festivals, competitions and other events with her own choreography. She is also teaching private classes all over Israel.

Dorit performed and taught in various festivals, including Ya Salam, Habibi YaEini, Olim al agal, Spring Festival (Jerusalem, 2012) and Eilat international Festival (2009,2012). Her  resume includes solo performances at the Theater Hall in Jerusalem, Givat’ain and Bait Tami and Suzanne Dellal center in Tel-Aviv and private events performances in Paris.

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Dorit performs and teaches variety of oriental dance styles: classic Egyptian, Saidi, Baladi, Tribal, Falachi, Moroccan, using different props, such as cane, malaiat leff, scarf, silk fan and more.

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