42 Shimmies with Leyla Jouvana

42 Shimmies and 1001 variations workshop with the Shimmy Queen of the belly dance – Leyla Jouvana.

The exciting triple shimmy workshop taught by Leyla Jouvana, featuring live drumming by her husband Roland, became one of the most remarkable memories from the Oriental Pearl Belly Dance Festival 2013.

No one can Shimmy like Leyla

An exclusive and comprehensive teaching format for shimmies classification and introduction, with regards to the rhythms and belly dance styles context, historical and geographic background, breaks down the techniques used for each shimmy and reffers to the muscles involved.

In general, shimmy can be defined as a fast vibration of the body, mostly of the hips or the shoulders. But have you ever thought of a hand, head or even a tongue shimmy?

The Layers

Belly dancing is all about separation into the parts of the body. Shimmies and travelling steps are often combined with soft movements of the upper body and hands. Performing different movements together requires awareness and training of each movement separately and then layering one on top of the other.

This is how the 1001 variations were created. Mixing 2, 3 or even 4 different kinds of shimmies simultaneously, layering Camels, circles, ribcage moves, 3/4 walk, Hagala step and so on, creates an endless number of variations. All you have to do is to use your imagination and to exercise.

Leyla Jouvana
Leyla Jouvana

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Leyla Jouvana and Roland at the Oriental Pearl festival 2013 in Israel

The Energy

Think of almost 4 full hours of shimmies with only 2 short brakes. This kind of class could easily turn into a very technical and boring traning, almost a sport exersice. But not with Leyla!

The workshop kept surprising us again and again with new ideas and tips. The ice has been broken very fast with humor and small talk. The participants found themselves turning around in circles laughing and shrilling ululations just like a wild feminine tribe, even though there was a male belly dancer in the group.

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