Sigal Ziv

Sigal Ziv – a leading Tribal Fusion Bellydance performer, choreographer and instructor in Israel.

Sigal began her dancing career as a part of Inbal Dance Company and performed in Israel and abroad. Step by step she discovered the magic of bellydancing and developed her own language by mixing oriental and modern styles.

Today Sigal represents Tribal Fusion in Israel. She teaches professional courses at the Tel Aviv University and manages the Tribal Fusion Dance Company.

Sigal's performances are full of energy and emotions. She keeps the audience on the edge of their seats till the last second. Her dancing is unique, courageous and honest.

Sigal Ziv performed in various known shows and festivals such as "Adamaya", "Greek Tavern nights", "Segol", Annual Eilat International Bellydance Festival, "Stigma", "The Way towards Tribal Fusion Bellydance", Shantipi and Shakti Festival, National Israel Festival and more.

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Sigal Ziv
Tribal Fusion bellydancer

Sigal Ziv and the Tribal Lotus

Sigal Ziv at Eilat Festival 2010

Sigal Ziv – Fusion Stail

Sigal Ziv at Habibi Ya-Eini Festival

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