Diamond Cut Bellydance with Irina Akulenko

Diamond Cut Bellydance program for beginners created by NYC star bellydance performer and instructor Irina Akulenko is a great way to learn how to bellydance or to polish your dancing technique and turn it into a real diamond.

Bellydance is a beautiful and captivating art. It is graceful, empowering and fun. When performed by professional it may look easy, but in reality it is a complex and extremely nuance dance.

Unlike western dance forms, the movement of belly dance is more internally focused and requires targeted mussel control. There are many variations of torso and hip movements that are completely unique to this dance. Irina Akulenko designed this program to help you to learn the delicate nuances of belly dance as well as build a strong technique in the very beginning.

diamond cut bellydance

פורסם בקטגוריה Belly Dance Moves. אפשר להגיע לכאן עם קישור ישיר.

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