Drum solo workshop

Drum solo workshop combining darbuka lesson, Drum solo belly dance and Hafla.

Darbuka workshop

Hearing the music is the first and may be the most important part of the successful drum solo belly dance. A short enjoyable darbuka drumming lesson as the first part of the drum solo workshop will take us into the world of the rhythms, helping us to feel them and to get a better understanding of what we are dancing.

Drum solo workshop

The choreography of the workshop is built in accordance to the experience of the group members. However, beyond the technical aspect of the crispy shimmies and locks, music interpretation and analysis, the workshop emphasizes musicality, warmth, expression and joy – full physical and emotional release.

Drum solo belly dance workshop


A hafla party will complete the workshop. This is a time for some open floor dancing for everyone to get up and enjoy. If you would like to perform, this would be gladly accepted. Please let us know in advance to plan the time and to make all the needed arrangements.

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