Sherry Mizrahi

Sherry Mizrahi – male bellydancer. 

Bellydancing became a part of Sherry's life when he was a little boy. He started to dance at the age of 4 taking part in family celebrations. His grandmother, who used to travel to Egypt and bring the best of the Arabian music, bellydance clothing and accessories to Israel became Sherry's inspiration and lit his passion for Egypt and dancing.
Sherry has a special name for Egypt – "The Paradise of the Bellydancing". He visited this country many times, learning about its culture, lifestyle and happiness, taking bellydance classes from the best teachers, dancing at clubs and Hafla parties and meeting famous singers.
Sherry took part in many bellydance festivals in Israel and abroad such as the Ya Salam festival at the Dead sea, Habibi Ya Eini festival, Eilat International Bellydance festival, Mediterranean Delight festival in Greece, Ahalan Va Sahalan festival in Egypt and more.
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Sherry's bellydancing is all about joy and flow. He believes that every dancer brings something unique and special to the world.

רקדן בטן שרי מזרחי

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